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UEC 2022-23 Executive Team Social
UEC 2022-23 Executive Team Social

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UEC Executive Team 2021-22
UEC Executive Team 2021-22

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UEC Case Conference 2017
UEC Case Conference 2017

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UEC 2022-23 Executive Team Social
UEC 2022-23 Executive Team Social

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University of Toronto Mississauga Primary Economics Society

At UEC, we strive to provide students with engaging and thoughtful experiences by hosting a wide variety of activities that range from networking events to mentorships and professional development workshops.

Our Mission

  1. Provide high quality events that encourage students to develop themselves on an academic and professional level.

  2. Help students find their career path through networking opportunities with professionals and faculty professors.

  3. Improve students' knowledge in fields relating to economic research, policy-making and the financial industry.

  4. Serve as a bridge between students and the Department of Economics.

Upcoming events

Work Presentation

Externals Event

Nov 10,2022
MN 1270

Professional Careers Night

Students will have the opportunity to learn more about the different fields they can pursue post-graduation and will be able to improve their networking skills through interaction with the professionals.

Event Contact : Gurleen Kaur (

In a Meeting

Internals Event

Nov 18, 2022
MN 1270

UEC Internship Integration

An event oriented towards gaining insight from successful interns and recruiters, regarding internship advice and opportunities. Moreover, students will be able to network with recruiters, allowing them to build connections which could be meaningful in landing internships.

Why-Message: To assist students with the process of securing an internship and give them an opportunity to network.

Contacts: Nafees Hossain & Yifang Xu

Business Women Planning

Academics Event

Nov 22, 2022
MN 1270

Mock Interviews
Undergraduate Economic Council (UEC), in collaboration with McMaster University and Western University

Students will get a chance to talk to upper years students with internship experience as well as recruiters and industry professionals to critique resumes and cover letters.

Event Contact: Muhammad Farooq and Diya Kamodia

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